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Photo of President and CEO, Suzanne Share

CEO: Suzanne Cohen Share, M.A.

Suzanne Cohen Share has a M.A. in Health Policy and Critical Disabilities from York University. This degree includes a specialty in disability law from Osgoode Hall Law School. Suzanne taught Health Policy and Government at York University and was an instructor at Brock University.

    Suzanne has diverse skills, with more than twenty-five years experience as a business and accounting consultant. Ms. Cohen Share is a popular professional lecturer, researcher, trainer and consultant. She is known as a cross-disability consultant, accessibility auditor, public speaker and author of custom handbooks as required by the customer.

    Suzanne consults on all matters related to business including restructuring, accounting, inclusive solutions, sensitivity awareness education, compliance with the AODA and Federal mandated obligations to people with disabilities. Suzanne was the Director for Central Western Ontario for the Accessibility Consultants Association of Ontario and is still a member.

    Ms. Cohen Share maintains connections with the disability community that enables her service to find practical solutions for stakeholders. In the past, she was on the board of Citizens with Disabilities-Ontario (CWDO) as the Treasurer and Chair of the Built Environment Committee; and on the Board of the AODA Alliance. Suzanne represented the disability community when the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario required input on the subject of implementing the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. She was on the Accessible Built Environment Standards Development Committee for the Province of Ontario as a voting member. Suzanne is also a consultant on the accessible built environment.

    Suzanne offers courses or speaking engagements where topics include international, national and provincial legal obligations to persons with disabilities. On demand, topics/courses focus on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005; Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, 2008; the Accessible Information and Communication Standards, Accessible Built Environment Standard, Employment Accessibility Standard, information on interacting with people with disabilities; and identifying realistic policy, practice and procedures. Audiences/customers include Adobe Systems, First Byte Software, Guelph General Hospital, First Reference Inc., senior programmers, webmasters and senior staff of the Federal Government and many cities; numerous corporations, the Ministry of Ontario and Human Resources Professionals Association Ontario.

    Ms. Cohen Share is the content developer for the Human Resources Professionals Association Ontario webinars on the topics of: a) Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, (AODA), b) Accessible Customer Service Standard and, c) Best Practices in Accessible Information and Communication. Suzanne is publishing guides on the implementation of the AODA and its regulations. Her publisher is First Reference Inc. First Reference Inc. with Suzanne is honored to be nominated for the 2010 Clawbie Awards. In 2011 these guides will be released and Suzanne will remain with First Reference Inc. as a regular writer on the topic of accessibility for people with disabilities.

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