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Accessibility planning aids organizations to identify barriers and prioritize goals for removal. Accessibility planning also includes strategies to prevent new barriers from being created. Planning in advance or assessing existing conditions aids policymakers in their decision making process and budget appropriately once a strategic policy is in place.

Accessibility planning includes consultation on the built environment, information and communications, employment, customer service and transportation. Policy, practice and procedure in your organization may have systemic barriers. Staff, volunteers and third party representatives may pose attitudinal barriers and with proper guidance barriers can disappear.

Examples of accessibility planning that Access (SCS) Consulting Services can provide:

• Education and Training: Dependant on your organization’s budget and needs you can determine the type of format delivery for your organization’s representatives. Access (SCS) Consulting Services is a content developer in multimedia formats. You choose your preferred method of delivery, examples are: webinars, brochures, custom manuals, live seminars, lectures, interactive meetings and live workshops.

• Built Environment: Consultation on site and building renovations and modifications. Upon customer request, way finding on your spaces is included. Suzanne Share, CEO devotes numerous hours to the Built Environment Standard Committee for the Province of Ontario. Before and after the standards become regulations, there is still more information she can provide to best assist in your decision making process. • Information and Communication: Accessibility is the focus in all areas related to this topic. In every aspect of communicating you will be able to offer people with disabilities alternative formats. Your policy, practice and procedure will be customized to meet goals within your budget. The development of marketing strategies that include people with disabilities will aid your organization to meet legal requirements and perhaps the added bonus of reaching a previously untapped market.

• Policy, Practice and Procedure: Whether you are required by law to prepare compliance reports or your organization decides it needs an assessment and direction in your policy, practices and procedures. An outside expert can assess your existing conditions and work within your time frame to aid in the realization of your goals. Issue prioritization, monitoring and review of your accessibility strategies from an external expert can relieve your busy schedules.

• Non-profits and Charities: New or existing: Consultation in all areas related to the organizational structure, code of ethics and function.

• Stakeholder identification: Organizations require stakeholder identification to facilitate in providing healthy methods of communication and delivery.

• Literature reviews: A professional methodology to provide literature reviews on topics of relevance to your organization.

• Research: A comprehensive research report on topics relevant to your organization.

These are just examples of accessibility planning and business planning offered. Just ask and you will likely receive a positive answer on your organization’s needs. For more information call 416-561-7942 or Email:

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