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Workshops and Seminars

Free Access (SCS) Webinars



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• Custom workshops, seminars, lectures and interactive meetings.

• Education and Training: Dependant on your organization’s budget and needs you can determine the type of format delivery for your organization’s representatives. Access (SCS) Consulting Services is a content developer in multimedia formats. You choose your preferred method of delivery, examples are: webinars, brochures, custom manuals, live seminars, lectures, interactive meetings and live workshops.

• See the Workshops and Seminars menu for popular courses.

• Teaching time is determined by policymakers who understand the roles of staff, volunteers and third party representatives who interact with the public.

• The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service – Ontario
Regulation 429/07 also known as the Customer service standard is law in Ontario.

The Customer Service standard addresses business practices and training needed to provide better customer service to people with disabilities. This is the first standard developed to become a regulation. It came into effect January 1, 2008.

Other Standards

As other standards become regulations workshops, seminars etc. will be offered. Many organizations look to the future and request an update to understand the proposed standards as they are written to date. Many organizations intend to implement plans on these topics regardless of the legal date of implementation. Feel free to ask for information, meetings, courses and best practice approaches to these upcoming regulations.

The Information and Communications standard, addresses the removal of barriers in access to information and communications.

The Employment standard addresses paid employment practices relating to employee-employer relationships, which may include recruitment, hiring, retention policies and practices.

The Transportation standard addresses access to public transportation that is needed for aspects of daily living.

And finally, the Built Environment standard addresses access into and within buildings and outdoor spaces. Clauses are expected to build primarily on Ontario’s Building Code.

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