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Built Environment: On site assessment, consultation and reports for building renovations and modifications. Upon customer request, way finding on your spaces is included. Suzanne Share, CEO devoted numerous hours to the Built Environment Standard Committee for the Province of Ontario. Before and after the standards become regulations, there is still more information she can provide to best assist in your decision making process.

• Learn about low cost changes your organization can make by having a consultant walk through your spaces. Book an appointment and receive an in house lesson on how to make sure simple changes are completed and errors are not repeated.

• Ask for written policy, practice and procedures that will inform staff of the need to keep accessibility at the top of mind when moving or placing items in your facilities. Make your staff, volunteers and third party representatives built environment savvy so they understand how placement of items can be a barrier or aid in attaining accessibility.

• Ask for practical solutions that work for your organization while also providing access to people with disabilities. The structure of waiting rooms, meetings and shelving are some of the many spaces that people with disabilities can access if you place your items within reach and provide a clear floor space.

• When you buy new furniture and fixtures just ask for a review at a nominal fee that will aid in your making solid decisions for people with disabilities and everyone.

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