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Workshops and Seminars

Free Access (SCS) Webinars



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Specific types of consulting are covered in other areas of our menu. This section is to invite your organization when requiring an Accessibility Consultant to attend meetings. Perhaps everyone that is a policymaker would like to shoot questions at the Accessibility Consultant to help prioritize policy, practices and procedures. A question and answer period is often advisable when executives want to get a grip on providing accessibility to aid in decision making.

You will need a consultant with a broad understanding of all your organization’s needs and who is an expert in accessibility topics. Shoot your questions and if the answer is truly complicated, you will be honestly told. If the answers can be rapidly discussed in this format, then your policymakers will be prepared to make the right decisions. Your organization will also have a good idea of when you want to ask for more time with your Accessibility Consultant.

For more information call 416-561-7942 or Email:

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