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Customized practice manuals take a variety of forms dependant on your needs. Access (SCS) Consulting Services offers manuals that are either related to the topic of accessibility or are related to the topic of your business practices and expectations.

A custom manual may be for a priority or general position where the duties have been identified and a daily manual is supplied. A ‘how to’ manual is an essential for when an employee is ill or has abruptly terminated the position.

Some people call these manuals in a joking fashion, ‘their bible’ that lets them know the organization’s expectations. Upon your request, the detailed schedule can be hourly, daily, weekly or in general.

Often producing a manual of this type requires watching a person perform job functions and asking questions. On a regular basis, the process often leads to an ‘aha’ moment. Your consultant views everything with a best practice approach. If you are willing to receive the information, there may be recommendations for changes to improve your organization’s performance ratio or changes that may save money.

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